UK cheap email lists - updated July 2021

Download United Kingdom email listReach over 100,000 UK businesses via email. Target the right contacts and key decision-makers who need your product or service by quickly identifying them using our top quality cheap email list.

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Due to the nature of this product, please note that all sales are final.

Who uses a cheap email list?

Typically a cheap email list is used by inside sales and outside sales teams. United Kingdom business cheap email lists are useful for communicating existing and potential customers. Specifically, sales teams qualify and coordinate business sales leads, including outbound telemarketing calls and booking appointments for sales representatives. Consequently a cheap email list directly impacts the sales team's closing ratios.

Database marketing with a cheap email list

Business markets are evolving every day. Using a B2B cheap email list helps you to understand how, what and why your customers purchase. When you use a targeted cheap email list as part of your overall marketing plan, you can start collecting individual consumer behavioral information, isolated to each customer. The concept of the cheap email list database means that you can selectively target different markets, as well as providing comprehensive, up-to-date and relevant information about prospects and/or clients. A high quality UK cheap email list pays for itself quickly with visible, measurable sales.

Buying a cheap email list online

When buying a cheap email list online, whether it be for marketing, lead generation, business development, or sales purposes, your return on investment can be significant. With the relatively low cost of b-to-b cheap email lists more and more UK companies are looking to purchase them. Compared with other methods of business-to-business advertising, it is very inexpensive. Many vendors will rent you a list, but the ideal situation is to purchase a list outright. When you purchase your cheap email list online with, you receive an unlimited license. The business cheap email list is yours to use as you wish: import it into your CRM (ACT!,, etc.).


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Quality, targeted leads for my inside sales team. I've paid a lot more, and received a lot less, from other B2B sellers.

Why we're different

We offer an unlimited license. Once you have paid for and downloaded your list, there are no restrictions on its use: